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Gitte Nielsen "You Only Get One Life"

For almost 30 years Gitte Nielsen, a Danish supermodel and Hollywood actress, has been part of the international jet set. She was young, beautiful and rich – and apparently happy. But beneath the surface there was a dark side and one-day cracks appeared in the façade.

You only live once is Gitte Nielsen’s completely honest autobiography, which is about losing herself and then finding the courage to face life – and fight back to regain what she had lost. Gitte Nielsen had a remarkable life. She grew from a normal upbringing in an ordinary middle class family in the suburbs of Copenhagen, Denmark, to a tall skinny teen-ager. It was then that she transformed her life into a glamorous international supermodel at the age of 16, became a superstar in the international jet set; encountered four marriages and four amazing children. But life became unbearable because of a violent husband and years of misuse of alcohol. While ensconced in her 12 million dollar Swiss Chalet facing Lake, she gave up. Lugano. The story of Gitte Nielsen is a scaring, but honest account of the dark side and costs of life as an international superstar, as well as the pressures of being a mother. As Gitte valiantly overcomes the obstacles of her life, this story unravels the lessons about taking responsibility for your own life - even when things look the worst.

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